Rebecca L. Corwin, Ph.D., RD

photo of Rebecca Corwin

Professor of Nutritional Neuroscience

Contact Information

305 Chandlee Laboratory
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park PA 16802


(fax) 814-863-6103


Ph.D., University of Chicago (Chicago), 1989

Research Interests

Behavioral neurobiology of binge eating and fat intake.

Selected Publications

Broft, AI, Spanos, A, Corwin, R, Mayer, L, Steinglass, J, Devlin, MJ, Attia, E, Walsh, BT (2007) Baclofen as a novel treatment for binge eating: an open-label pilot study. International Journal of Eating Disorders 40: 687-91.

Rao RE, Wojnicki FHE, Coupland J, Ghosh S, Corwin RLW (2008) Baclofen, raclopride and naltrexone differentially reduce solid fat emulsion intake under limited access conditions. Pharmacol Biochem Behav 89(4):581-90.

Wojnicki, F.H.E., Charny, G., and Corwin, R.L.W. (2008) Binge-type behavior in rats consuming trans-fat-free shortening. Physiol Behav 94:627-9.

Yu, Z, Geary, N, Corwin, RL (2008) Ovarian hormones inhibit fat intake under binge-type conditions in ovariectomized rats. Physiol Behav 95:501-7.

Wojnicki, F.H.E., Johnson, D.S., Corwin, R.L.W. (2008) Access conditions affect binge-type shortening consumption in rats. Physiol Behav 95:649-57

Corwin, RL, Grigson, PS (2009) Symposium Overview. Food Addiction: Fact or Fiction? Journal of Nutrition Jan 28. [Epub ahead of print]

Courses Taught

NUTR 100 Contemporary Nutrition Concerns

NUTR 100H Contemporary Nutrition Concerns Honors

NUTR 490W Nutrition Seminar

NUTR 453 Diet in Disease

NUTR 551 Seminar in Nutrition

Strategic Themes

  • Domains of Health and Behavior