B.S. in Nutritional Sciences — Applied Sciences Option Requirements

Requirements for the Major

(3) NUTR 251 Introductory Principles of Nutrition
(3)*NUTR 320 Food Preparation
(2)*NUTR 358 Assessment of Nutritional Status
(3)*NUTR 360 Disseminating of Nutrition Information
(1)*NUTR 370 Professional Issues in Nutrition and Health Careers
(1)*NUTR 400 Introduction to Nutrition Counseling
(3)*NUTR 445 Nutrient Metabolism I
(3)*NUTR 446 Nutrient Metabolism II
(3)*NUTR 451 Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle
(3)*NUTR 452 Nutritional Aspects of Disease
(3)*NUTR 453 Diet and Disease
(3)*NUTR 456 Community Nutrition
(3)*NUTR 490W Nutrition Seminar
(3)*HRIM 329 Intro Food Production & Service
(2)*HRIM 330 Food Production & Service Management

(3) BIOL 141 Physiology
(3)*CHEM 110 Chemistry Principles
(3)*CHEM 202 or 210 Organic Chemistry
(3)*B M B 211 Elementary Biochemistry
(4) MICRB 106/107 Elementary Microbiology
(4)*STAT 200 Elementary Statistics
(3) PSYCH 100 or HDFS129
(3) ECON 102, 104 or AG BM 101

An (*) indicates that the course has a prerequisite. Consult the University Schedule of Courses for more information.

Supporting Courses

Applied sciences requires 6 credits at the 400 level with 3 that can be NUTR 496 credits.

A grade of C or better is required for many upper division department courses. Check the Undergraduate Degree Program Bulletin for specific information.